STM Group holds great pride in launching its Wellbeing Week (beginning Monday 6th September 2021), in support of World Suicide Prevention Month.

The week will be filled with various insightful and engaging activities for all internal customers, creating an exciting opportunity to gain useful tools and resources, grow awareness and most importantly spread positivity throughout the company and wider community.

A series of events, activities and webinars have been set out for the course of the week, in partnership with Railway Mission and TCup studios, who will be helping to train staff in both self- wellbeing and suicide awareness- topics that can often be shied away from and neglected. The week will encourage STM staff to speak up, if needed, in confidence, with the guarantee that they will be listened to and supported in all circumstances.

The CheckUp programme, carried out throughout the week, will aim to raise wellbeing awareness, whilst providing an invaluable insight into the wellness and engagement of STM’s internal customers. Importantly, this programme is also benchmarked against other organisations, driving best practice and continuous improvement. With physical terminals being installed in all STM regional offices, the system provides ongoing desktop/intranet access to SpeakUp, an anonymous medium designed to provide all employees with a voice, whilst enabling STM to be inherently flexible in the way it engages with its people.

Going out with a bang, STM will finalise the week on World Suicide Prevention Day (Friday 10th September 2021), by hosting a tremendous event at Clapham Junction Station. STM staff will gather at the station, spreading awareness to the travelling public through leafletting, encouraging conversation around the topic, and with some music… this is not an event you will want to miss!

Although the topic of suicide can be quite daunting, the importance of speaking up, listening to others, and taking action is vital! The STM Wellbeing week will give every internal customer the opportunity to develop their suicide prevention skills, holding the ability to, potentially, save somebody’s life.

STM is determined to do everything it possibly can to support its valued staff members, and to ensure the Wellbeing at Work Programme fully meets the needs of all its internal and external customers.