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Cleaning Services

STM takes pride in being able to provide a reliable, and high quality, range of bespoke cleaning services. As the Company operates a fully flexible service, it can offer a personal and tailor-made approach for both commercial businesses and domestic clients.

STM uses the very latest techniques, quality equipment and products to give the best possible result. Monitoring of cleaning standards and perfection is a regular feature of the service provided by STM Cleaning.

STM always aims to work in close partnership with both its internal and external customers, as an integral part of a plane of cohesive collaboration.

Tailored Services

STM believes that an innovative approach to service delivery is a pre-requisite for success. It will implement a service strategy which is bespoke to each, individual, client; one which focuses on quality of service delivery as the highest priority.

Commercial Cleaning

In addition to those regular services that most cleaning companies provide (ie vacuuming, surface cleaning, floor cleaning and polishing, kitchen and toilet hygiene maintenance), STM is able to undertake specialist services such as sterilization of telephones and keyboards, kitchen and restaurant deep cleans, glass cleaning, high pressure steam cleaning, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal and treatments for carpets, curtains and upholstery.
STM is fully aware of all the Health & Safety risks associated with construction cleaning. Consequently, STM cleaning operatives are fully equipped with all the safety clothing and materials to enable them to work on construction sites in a safe manner.
STM is able to provide custom-made comprehensive cleaning services to ensure properties are maintained in, or brought up to, pristine condition. STM also provides an extensive range of regular cleaning services to suit all the requirements for the residential properties.
STM provides expert services in the collection, recycling and disposal of waste. This includes recycling collections, waste removal, waste disposal services, special events services and contract management for non-hazardous waste management. In addition, STM deals with all aspects of hazardous waste management, including contaminated waste, clinical / medical waste disposal, together with the collection and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
STM is well experienced in providing services for high profile events, including concerts, sporting events, racing events, air shows etc. The organisation is familiar with the challenges presented by high footfall, whilst dealing with diverse group of customers. The critical need to ensure visitor perception of a clean, tidy, and hygenic environment, and client reputation for same, cannot be overstated.
STM has significant experience in providing a wide range of cleaning services to a number of transportation clients. STM provides Cleaning Operatives, Train Presentation Staff, Depot Cleaning Operatives, LOCO Cleaning and others.

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