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STM promotes a “One Team” philosophy, whereby frontline staff are considered as “internal customers” within the organisation. STM internal customers are expected to receive the same levels of service and support as the Company provides for its prestigious clients.

Support to STM staff is delivered through a proactive approach to staff engagement. Whilst STM will ensure that Terms & Conditions of Employment are sufficiently attractive to recruit and retain staff of an appropriate calibre, ensuring those staff feel both valued and valuable remains the critical issue. The STM remit is to provide its staff with the “tools” deemed necessary for them to undertake their assigned role to the best of their ability. This support will include the provision of uniform, equipment, and training. Nevertheless, the most critical aspect of any organisational support is the level of positive staff engagement. STM actively promotes informal “toolbox talks” and “coffee and cake conversations” between STM staff and line management in order to encourage the “One Team” philosophy. The STM Employee Handbook is also focused on the intangible elements of promoting an environment where staff feel proud to work for STM, and (most importantly), where good work is both recognised and celebrated.

Establishing a high level of Trust between STM and its employees is a fundamental principle. STM employees must have confidence that the organisation is committed to protecting their best interests, whilst providing a safe and secure working environment. Regular, and honest, engagement with employees engenders not only a pride in working for, but also a high level of loyalty to, STM. All STM management are, in turn, expected to continuously demonstrate the very highest levels of honesty and integrity. The STM working environment will be disciplined, but inclusive.

Effective staff Management will ensure that all STM employees are working towards agreed customer priorities. Whilst STM staff will be necessarily empowered, they will also be provided with the required “tools for the job”. A proactive management approach will ensure that all STM employees remain focused on agreed targets and goals. Ongoing performance is appropriately monitored and measured, with 360% appraisals ensuring a policy of continuous improvement.

I see myself representing STM with pride and loyalty, as they have most definitely greatly appreciated my hard work and commitment through upskilling, and promoting me a number of times

Kuldeep Chumber, Operations Manager

A big thank you to STM for giving me the opportunity to serve as a Human Resource Apprentice. Not only have I got a Business Administrator Qualification, thanks to STM, but I also got myself a family!

Mary Olubori, HR Assistant

Employee Recognition

To acknowledge and reward outstanding employees, STM carries out the following:

Going the Extra Mile Award

'30 Smiles per Hour' Service Award

Annual Employee Awards

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