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Security Overview

STM promotes an internal/external customer environment, ensuring a high level of staff commitment and a “One Team” philosophy. Continuous Service Improvement is at the heart of the STM approach.

Established in 2005, STM now has a wealth of experience in providing manpower solutions to a wide range of sectors. The Company prides itself in being able to work closely with its clients in order to understand respective goals and objectives. This enables STM to deliver a bespoke service strategy, and achieve high levels of, focused, service delivery.

The STM philosophy is to ensure the protection of people and assets, but with the important value-add of professional customer service skills.

All STM staff are subject to extensive background checks, and are trained in the specifics of each, individual, customer requirement. STM is also able to provide Close Protection and Personal (body) Guarding staff to those high-value individuals that may require individual protection and security.

Audited to Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) Standards, STM has achieved a position in the top 15% of all SIA ACS approved companies in the UK.

STM prides itself on its ability to understand the requirements of each individual client, providing a bespoke service strategy which focuses on individual client needs.

STM Business Sectors

The STM Commitment is to deliver, focused, service excellence to clients, and staff, in every market sector

With significant management experience, STM fully appreciates the unique requirements for, and challenges in, providing a professional service to the Public Sector. In particular, STM is confident in its ability to deliver a world-class service to Central & Local Government.

Public Sector

STM offers an enhanced “menu of choice” to the Healthcare industry, enabling clients to obtain maximum value from the extensive service line STM has to offer. This strategy aims to achieve the optimum level of service delivery to patients, visitors and staff alike.


STM is a major supplier to the railway industry, focused on providing innovative, customer focused, services. The organisation has vast experience in delivering in high footfall public areas, but also where there is a clear threat to the public from both terror and crime.


STM has experience in providing high profile, customer orientated, security and cleaning service services, specifically designed around the unique requirements of education establishments.


With a dedicated Events Team, STM executes 'Best-in-Class‘ safety and security management principles, aimed at protecting all stakeholders, whilst focused on ensuring a positive experience. It is proactive by nature, but able to react quickly to any incident.

Leisure & Entertainment

STM is experienced in delivering all necessary operations, in order to meet both building and client needs. STM Security & Cleaning professionals are specifically trained to ensure safe, clean and welcoming environment for residents and visitors to high profile buildings.

Property & Estates

STM understands the unique challenges faced by the retail industry, and is able to provide cost effective and quality bespoke solutions that will meet (and, wherever possible, exceed) client expectations. In particular, STM fully appreciates that the right staff profiles are critical.


Through the work undertaken with its diverse customer base, STM has the necessary experience and skill sets to deliver the high quality, safe, services on construction sites, designed to help clients achieve targets, objectives and committed future obligations.


STM provides bespoke solutions, specifically designed for the individual requirements of each industry sector. In particular, STM aims to operate with customers who place quality of service delivery at the top of their buying agenda. This approach is considered a key differentiator.

Business & Industry


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