STM Services: Events

The STM aim is to provide bespoke staffing solutions, which ensure the right individuals are connected with the right work opportunities, aligned to meet with the Event image aspirations, and acting as Ambassadors for STM Event clients at all times.

STM retains a committed Events Team, dedicated to each assignment, delivering a professional and robust service. With a diligent approach to recruitment and selection, STM seeks to employ individuals who are able to demonstrate a level of experience, enthusiasm and honesty, whilst being approachable and customer friendly.

STM has provided specified services (and products) to a wide range of “events”. This ranges from international sporting events, at Twickenham, Wembley, and Ascot, to New Year’s Eve celebrations in London. In particular, STM played a major role in delivering infrastructure support for the London Olympics in 2012, providing security and dedicated customer-interface staff. “People Management” skills were integral elements of the successful delivery of this service provision.

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