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Under its Group Training Manager, STM provides bespoke, high quality, security & customer service training. This is provided, on a national basis, not only to extant STM customers but also to meet the wider requirements of both private and public sector organisations. 

The STM Group Training Manager, Jeff Baines, is both responsible for managing the training team, and also for the design and delivery of in-house and external training programmes. The STM Training Team hold NOCN qualifications, and are responsible for delivery of in-house, and external training programmes.

STM Group (UK) Ltd is one of a handful of companies endorsed as an approved training organisation with the Police Crime Prevention Academy. This enables STM to provide critical CSAS (Community Safety) and RSAS (Rail Safety) Training. Current STM Training Courses include the following:

Community Safety Accreditation Schemes were introduced after the Police Reform Act of 2002 as part of the ‘extended policing family’, which also includes Police Community Support Officers and special constables. In 2005 the chief constable of British Transport Police launched the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme enabling BTP to implement an Accreditation Scheme specialised in the Railway environment. Under this scheme Accredited Persons are granted limited powers that are aimed at providing a better quality of life in the railway community and at working in partnership with BTP.

Over the past several years STM has delivered the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme (RSAS) and Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) training to a significant number of individuals, representing the following organisations:

  • Southeastern Railways
  • Southern Railways
  • Arriva Rail London
  • National Express
  • East Midlands Trains
  • Rugby Borough Council
  • South Western Railway
  • and many others


The focus of the RSAS is on providing a high visible presence thus helping reduce crime and more importantly the ‘fear of crime’, improving relationships between BTP and the Train Operating Companies/ private sector companies with better co-ordination of resources as well as supporting Neighbourhood Policing in the community.

The Accredited Persons training is aimed at people who have an interest in maintaining safety within their community / railway environment. It is suitable for those who work or want to work in some of the following roles: rail enforcement officers, travel safe officers, railway community officers, community wardens; neighbourhood wardens; community support workers etc. The term ‘Accredited Person’ is used to describe someone who is employed by an organisation (other than a police force) in a railway / community safety role, who has been accredited by a Chief Police Officer This qualification, explores various areas including diversity and discrimination issues in the community.

It grants accredited persons limited powers which are aimed at providing a better quality of life for people in the community, and also helps co-ordinate activities like visible patrolling and empowering accredited persons with the power to request the name and address of individuals acting in an anti-social manner and the sharing of information with the Police. The accredited persons are becoming part of the ever growing policing family. With the aim of making our communities a safer place to be.

The Training is a five-day classroom-based course, available to organisations and their employees that are involved with community and railway safety, enabling them to be eligible for police accreditation.

Customer Feedback

Best training course I have ever been on, the trainer is very knowledgeable. The way the training was delivered has ensured we will remember and live out what was given with ease of confidence.. Brilliant !!! You go, Jeff, you’re a very special gentleman.

Tracey St, TFL Auditor

Makes training seem effortless. As a previous trainer, I know it’s not. Having been on L.U and TFL training, I feel this has covered sensitive topics very well, better than ever before. Fantastic trainer. Thanks

Terry Davies, TFL Assessor

Very enjoyable course, made to feel welcome and put at ease

Nicholas Turner, Southern Railway

Always a pleasure to be trained by Jeff

Alessandro Finistrella, South Western Railway

Jeff made the course very enjoyable, fun and easy to understand. Jeff was very attentive and understanding, it was a pleasure to have him train me in regards to RSAS.

Ira Gibson, Carlisle Support Services

Very pleased with the training provided, positive feedback from the entire group. Would definitely recommend.

Navinder Bharj, Amulet Security

For all training requirements contact:

Jeff Baines
Group Training Manager

Telephone: 0203-597-4264

Mobile: 07940 210210


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