Supporting World Suicide Prevention Day 2021, STM Group Hosts a Wellbeing Week

Starting from Monday 6th September, lasting five fun-filled days, STM Group hosted a fantastic Wellbeing Week in support of World Suicide Prevention Day, held on 10th September 2021.

Throughout the week, STM Group provided various resources, including webinars, newsletters, and daily wellbeing check-ups, for all internal customers to utilise effectively.

Wellbeing is not just a physical state, but- even more so importantly- a mental state that needs protecting and attending to regularly.

Poor mental health holds direct correlation to suicide, which is why STM Group takes positive wellbeing, within and without the workplace, extremely seriously.

After hosting four consecutive, successful days of spreading positive wellbeing throughout the company, STM Group finalised a brilliant week by holding two World Suicide Prevention events at both Wandsworth Road and Clapham Junction Stations, in support of what is such a meaningful cause.

With assistance from The Railway Mission and T- Cup, members of the STM Head Office spent the day out at both stations, beginning the morning at Wandsworth Road and then travelling to Clapham Junction for the afternoon.

A fantastic day well spent, providing positivity to the travelling public through music, various information packs all about suicide prevention, and a sweet treat to go with!

Thank you to both assisting companies who worked incredibly hard, alongside the rest of the STM staff, to ensure the successful utilisation of the companies World Suicide Prevention event 2021.

STM Group looks forward to next years event, and vows to continue promoting tools to suicide prevention, for every day that is to come.

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