STM Group – Finalists for the Top Employer Category at the Women in Rail Awards 2021

STM Group attended the Women in Rail Awards 2021, hosted on 30th November 2021 at The Roundhouse London, as finalists for the ‘Top Employer’ Category.

Being a fantastic evening of celebration, with fellow STM staff members and other companies, creating a brilliant opportunity to connect and network with others.

The nomination for this category comes with great pride, where STM Group vows to be a company that is inclusive of all, disregarding any factors of gender, race, religion, or any other differentiation.

Throughout the years, STM Group has worked diligently to ensure that these standards are met, hosting various initiatives to promote women within, what is a predominantly male, industry- securing that they have equal opportunities to all male staff.

Exampling this in many ways, STM Group has special recruitment targets, working hard to creating equality of gender within the industry. Job advertisements are posted onto various women orientated Facebook pages, such as ‘Mumsnet’, with the aim to open opportunities to women within the industry.

Furthermore, STM Group also works hard behind the scenes, creating various internal opportunities to the females of the business, and ensuring they’re full understanding of the support that is offered to them.

The Voice of Women Working Group is an internal project, creating a safe place for all women of the business to support each other, address any issues and promote opportunities within the business. VOW aims to provide a relevant voice on all matters, however big or small, whilst promoting development opportunities throughout the business.

In support of the Working Group, bi- weekly e-newsletters are sent out to all staff, both male and female, who have access to various resources, aimed at empowering and developing every individual within the business.

Alongside this, STM Group is a proud member of the Women’s Night Safety Charter, a project launched by the Mayor of London, designed to tackle violence against women, whilst making London a welcoming and safe environment. Likewise, STM is also a founding signatory of the EDI Charter by Women in Rail and Railway Industry Association, an initiative launched to champion equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout the UK railway industry.

STM remains committed to supporting and protecting not only its own female employees, but also those of all other stakeholders. The Company takes great pride in creating an environment which is welcoming to all, regardless of any individual internal or external customer differentiation.

Being recognised for all of the company’s hard efforts is truly an achievement in itself, and STM Group is truly grateful to have been nominated for such a prestigious award.

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