The STM Wellbeing at Work Programme

STM Group is proud to announce the launch of its Wellbeing at Work Programme.  There has, quite simply, never been a more important time to support employee mental health and wellbeing. With its focus on an internal customer environment, STM believes that not only should every employee be encouraged to have a voice, but also have confidence in being able to discuss any wellbeing challenges in a confidential and supportive environment.

What is the primary purpose of The Programme?

The Wellbeing at Work programme has been launched as a means of helping to ensure that every STM internal customer (staff member) appreciates there is an easy process of accessing wellbeing advice and support.  That support will be offered in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • A detailed, business wide, STM Wellbeing at Work Plan will be issued, setting out proposals for supporting and improving the wellbeing of all STM staff
  • A designated email address will be established, to where all wellbeing queries can be confidentially sent
  • The identification and training of designated Wellbeing Champions will take place across the STM business. Amongst other things, these Champions will be trained in Mental Health First Aid, able to provide invaluable support to colleagues (as required).  Interested individuals should seek to volunteer as soon as a formal announcement is made.
  • The organisation of various training opportunities, on-line ‘drop-in’ sessions, and invited Guest Speaker events, designed to focus on mental health and wellbeing at work
  • An STM Wellbeing Pack will be made available to all members of staff. The Pack will include information and advice on how to look after individual mental and physical wellbeing

Most importantly, STM aims to ensure that the Wellbeing at Work Programme meets the needs of all staff members. Ultimately, the STM Wellbeing at Work Programme needs to be designed to meet the ongoing needs of all, critically important, internal customers.

The STM Group Wellbeing Champion

The STM Wellbeing at Work Programme will be led by Tori Rist (the STM Bid Manager) who is the appointed STM Group Wellbeing Champion.  Tori is passionate about Wellbeing at Work issues, and is currently working with the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, which helps promote equality and wellbeing in the workplace.  Tori herself is Autistic, with ADHD, possessing a first-hand understanding of the hidden challenges faced by many individuals. Tori is absolutely committed to ensuring all STM staff have easy, and appropriate, access to mental health and wellbeing support.  Tori will coordinate the development and training of all Wellbeing Champions throughout STM.

On launching the programme, Tori Rist comments: ‘I’m really excited to be part of this programme – there has never been a better time to make sure the well-being of our colleagues is at the forefront of our minds. Having struggled with my own mental health in the past makes me determined to ensure that every internal customer at STM has the resources and knowledge they need to monitor and support their well-being at work.’

STM CEO, Paul Jacomb, said: ‘I fully support this important initiative. The restrictions imposed by C-19 have had a huge impact on individual mental health and wellbeing, which is only just starting to come to the surface. STM has a corporate responsibility to help protect the mental wellbeing of all its stakeholders. This Welfare & Wellbeing Programme is designed to provide confidential help to those in need, for which I thank Tori for her ongoing passion and commitment in support of its implementation.’

Please email any initial suggestions about the Wellbeing at Work Programme, to Tori on