STM Group takes immense pleasure in announcing that its brand-new Voice of Women booklet, in support of the VOW internal working group, is now available for viewing!

Priding itself upon its ‘’One Team’’ ethos, STM Group will only continue to promote its values of equality, diversity and inclusion- fully representative of different cultures, religions, genders, and beliefs.

Therefore, in support of these strong standards, STM launched its Voice of Women (VOW) Group, an internal support system aimed at providing assistance, encouragement, and care for every female STM internal customer. VOW aims to provide a relevant voice on all matters, however big or small, whilst promoting development opportunities throughout the business.

Being a fantastic success thus far, where VOW has continued to produce various, bi- weekly e-newsletters, jam- packed with information all about safety, self- development and so much more!

In addition to this, looking at an external perspective, STM Group is a proud member of the Women’s Night Safety Charter, a project launched by the Mayor of London, designed to tackle violence against women, whilst making London a welcoming and safe environment. Likewise, STM is also a founding signatory of the EDI Charter by Women in Rail and Railway Industry Association, an initiative launched to champion equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout the UK railway industry.

With great success and achievement in such a short space of time, the Voice of Women group will only continue to grow, with the booklet being the next steps to its long list of achievements.

First, officially, launching at the ARL Annual Leadership Conference towards the end of 2021, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase this brand-new, exciting project, where- not only were STM sponsors of the event, but ‘The Power of our Team’ theme sat perfectly with the message of the VOW Booklet.

This hand-held safety and wellbeing guide includes a variety of tips, resources and all the other means for protection, success and empowerment, with content suited to not only women, but all other genders, races and cultures in society.

You can access our booklet online for free by following this link:

Or you can also buy a hard copy for £2, with all proceedings going to charity!

Email for more information on how to purchase this tremendous booklet!