STM Group (UK) Ltd proudly participated in a significant event hosted by the Railway Mission and the RSSB on May 13th, held at the Parliamentary Office of Chris Loder MP. The event served as a platform for engaging discussions among industry leaders, highlighting the invaluable contributions of the Railway Mission in supporting the wellbeing of railway personnel.

In a gathering attended by notable figures such as Rail Minister Huw Merriman, Transport Committee Chair Iain Stewart, and Network Rail Chair Peter Hendy, STM Group (UK) Ltd’s Chief Operating Officer, Chris Gibbs, and Director of Customer Experience, Arevika Stepanian, had the privilege of contributing to insightful conversations.

The Railway Mission, with a rich history spanning over 140 years, has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing pastoral care to the railway family. Their dedication is evident in the daily support and assistance they offer to railway and police personnel, especially during challenging times.

In 2022, Railway Mission Chaplains played a pivotal role in offering crucial post-incident support to over 8000 individuals associated with Train Operating Companies, Network Rail, and British Transport Police. This unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of the industry’s workforce underscores the significance of their role within the rail community.

Impressively, the Railway Mission’s impact transcends mere statistics. For every £1 of income received, they deliver an astonishing £3.13 of social value, resulting in a total societal contribution of £1,848,851 over the past 12 months. These numbers reflect the tangible difference the organisation makes in the lives of those they serve.

STM Group (UK) Ltd commends the Railway Mission for their tireless efforts in supporting the railway family and reaffirms its commitment to initiatives aimed at enhancing their wellbeing and resilience. As the industry continues to evolve, partnerships like these underscore the importance of collaboration in fostering a supportive and resilient rail community.

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