STM Group (UK) Ltd are thrilled to announce the release of its second edition Voice of Women (VOW) booklet, in support of its successful Voice of Women (VOW) Working Group.

Established in 2021, the VOW Working Group was initiated as an internal support system, aimed at providing assistance, encouragement, and care for every female STM internal customer, with the overall aim to provide a relevant voice on all matters, however big or small, whilst promoting development opportunities throughout the business.

STM Group is also a proud member of the Women’s Night Safety Charter, a project launched by the Mayor of London, designed to tackle violence against women, whilst making London a welcoming and safe environment. Likewise, STM is also a founding signatory of the EDI Charter by Women in Rail and Railway Industry Association, an initiative launched to champion equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout the UK railway industry.

With such a strong dedication and commitment to the safety and wellbeing of females within, and beyond, the industry, the success of this Working Group and wider campaign have been exemplary, where STM Group have recently achieved two industry awards in relation to their ongoing work with equality, diversity and inclusion.

With the first, official, booklet successfully launched at the ARL Annual Leadership Conference towards the end of 2021, this second edition is fuelled with even more, invaluable information and resources, alongside tips and tricks which could be potentially life- saving.

To view the VOW Booklet, please click HERE.

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