STM Group is pleased to share with you the launch of its third edition Spring/ Summer Company Newsletter, ‘Sending The Message’, sharing with you all of the fantastic work and achievements, succeeded by STM Group, over the last year.

STM is a Company that is proud to promote a ‘’One Team’’ philosophy, whereby each and every individual at STM is considered as an ‘’internal customer’’ within the organisation, receiving the same level of attention and care as the Company’s valued, prestigious clients.

With this strong philosophy in place, STM Group has developed a workforce of passionate, determined and resilient individuals, who truly put their heart into every aspect of their roles, being the key factor to STM’s array of successes.

Throughout 2021 and moving into 2022, there have been some remarkable achievements spread across each department within the businesses, resulting in the escalating growth of STM. Without it’s, treasured, internal customers and their continued hard work and support, none of this would have been achievable, and for that, STM wants to truly say a big thank you to all of them.

Inside this newsletter you can find out about what is to come for STM Group in the near future, including being awarded the re-tender for the provision of security services for Nexus, where STM Group has worked on this contract since 2018, and was recently published in a local news article, for the outstanding work carried out by STM’s Network Reassurance Teams within the area.

As well as contract awards, you can also get updated on all things operational at STM, including the opening of the historic MTR Elizabeth Line Crossrail, in honour of the late Her Majesty the Queen, as well as finding out what went on at the STM annual ‘’One Team’’ Operations Conference, held earlier this year at the Informa Building, Atrium in Blackfriars.

Once again, STM would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every internal customer, who are the true foundations of the business. Without their continued efforts, supports and willingness to excel, STM Group would not even come close to its prestigious title of an ‘award- winning Company’, with its staff members being the true leaders of the business, driving it into a prosperous future of success and achievements.

You can now view the full STM ‘Sending the Message’ newsletter online, by following this link

STM hopes you enjoy the content and looks forward to bringing many more years of hard work and success to the Company, the winder industry and beyond!

STM Group- The Power of One