STM Group (UK) Ltd Attains SafeContractor Alcumus Accreditation

We are thrilled to announce another significant milestone in our commitment to health and safety excellence. STM Group (UK) Ltd has achieved SafeContractor Alcumus accreditation, reinforcing our dedication to ensuring the utmost safety and compliance in all our operations.

SafeContractor Alcumus, one of the pioneering and largest SSIP schemes (Safety Schemes in Procurement) in the supply chain compliance arena, has recently received its UKAS accreditation. This recognition further validates the credibility and robustness of the scheme, making it an essential benchmark for evaluating health and safety practices within organisations.

About SafeContractor Alcumus: SafeContractor Alcumus combines SSIP and PAS91 contractor accreditation, streamlining the process for organisations to ensure their compliance with various health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity, and environmental management requirements. This comprehensive scheme offers a one-stop solution, simplifying the assessment process and enabling companies to demonstrate their commitment to best practices in a convenient manner.

Why SafeContractor Alcumus Matters:

  • Health and Safety: SafeContractor Alcumus rigorously assesses health and safety protocols, ensuring that businesses prioritise the well-being of their employees, clients, and the public.
  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity: The scheme evaluates companies’ commitment to promoting equal opportunities and diversity, fostering inclusive workplaces that celebrate differences.
  • Environmental Management: SafeContractor Alcumus examines environmental management practices, emphasising sustainability and responsible stewardship of resources.

By attaining SafeContractor Alcumus accreditation, STM Group (UK) Ltd not only reaffirms its dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards but also highlights its commitment to fostering inclusivity and environmental responsibility.

STM Group (UK) Ltd is excited to continue setting new benchmarks in health and safety practices.

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