Support, Trust, Manage – The STM Way

STM CEO Paul Jacomb, Directors Terry Ketley & Chris Gibbs, together with respective management teams, pictured during their recent visit to a number of client locations, in order to recognise the frontline STM Heroes. All were greatly impressed with the first class appearance, positive attitude, and exceptional standard of service being demonstrated by these frontline staff, in very challenging circumstances.

The last few months have, undoubtedly, presented a wide range of COVID-related challenges. However, it has also demonstrated the unique ‘One Team’ culture that STM now actively promotes, whereby frontline staff are considered “internal customers” within the organisation.

STM CEO, Paul Jacomb said: “ The level of commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by STM front-line teams was nothing short of uplifting. It was a privilege and pleasure to see the level of professionalism that is now clearly evident within the organisation. Our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure STM continues to deliver in line with customer expectation, no matter how demanding the challenge. I feel proud to be part of this exceptional team”