Today we celebrate STM Group’s 15-year anniversary, about which we could not be more thrilled.

This anniversary marks an important milestone for STM as we look back on our growth and accomplishments, together with the great relationships we have built with our employees, customers, and associates.

We would like thank each and every STM employee for their wonderful support for the Company and all our customers! We are thankful to our loyal customers, past and present, for their continued trust in STM.

The one consistent element, throughout these 15 years, has been the unique culture within STM. The STM culture is strong because the people working within the organisation are strong. We should all, therefore, feel proud to celebrate this momentous occasion.

STM remains a people business, powered by service excellence. It can only be successful if those who work within it feel valued and valuable. We aim to ensure that all staff feel they have a voice within the organisation, including the recent issue of a new Employee Satisfaction Survey, an updated Employee Handbook, and a wide range of updated Company Policies, all driven by the “every employee is an internal customer” approach.

15 years is a long time in any business. For STM, despite some of the more recent challenges, this achievement represents a fantastic success story. Much of the credit for that success must go to the STM Owner and Chairman (Perry Simpson) without whose vision we would undoubtedly not be in the position we are today. There are other long serving personnel, in all areas of the business, who will be recognised through our new Long Service Awards, which aim to complement our renowned GEM Service Awards.

Paul Jacomb, CEO says: ‘When I arrived in STM, one year ago, I was immediately struck by the pride and passion demonstrated by those who worked for the Company. From the outset, I was keen to promote, and channel, this passion into something which could be of benefit to everyone. The Support, Trust, Manage, philosophy was borne out of a desire to create an internal/external customer environment, where front-line staff were viewed as “internal customers”, and treated accordingly. I remain committed to promoting a “One Team” culture, where diversity and equality are celebrated, and where everyone involved with STM is fiercely proud of the STM Brand.’

With stated Values of Loyalty, Integrity, and Pride, STM will continuously strive to develop and grow its service offering. Through continuous improvement, we will aim to offer real value propositions for our customers and employees.

We look forward to celebrating this milestone throughout the coming year!

Here is to another 15.